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Broken Berlin: Part 11
*England's POV*
"Russia" America growls at the child-like country through his teeth, "Get the hell out of here, this has nothing to do with your commie ass" I try to slowly shuffle away from the frustrated American, only to be grabbed, rather hard mind you, by the arm and pulled back to him. Letting out an exasperated sigh I start struggling again.
A childish smile spreads over the Russian nation's face, "I am the Soviet Union, Da?" Then, stepping towards us, he pulls America's arms from around me, as easy as opening cupboard doors, and gently takes me out of the Yank's reach, standing me behind him. I stare shocked at the tall beige haired man.
"Why don't you go back to the meeting, milaya Anglii, while America and I... have a little talk, da?" He looks at me, his eyes unusually soft similar to how he used to look before he became the Soviet Union maybe there still a small part of the more or less sane Russian we all knew -, and then stares intently at America, who looks ready to be
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Broken Berlin - Part 10
*England's POV*
As I am dragged down the hallway, I keep on struggling, trying to get back to the meeting room. Christ, this is on a par with the time France tried to force me to marry him. Wait… I don't recognize this part of the building.
"America, you bloody child, put me down. NOW!" I growl at the Yank through my teeth.
"Geez, keep your panties on Iggy." He drops me onto my feet. I stumble slightly, then dust myself off and straighten up to my full height.
"Okay, so… what is so important that you felt the incessant need to pick me up and drag me away a damsel in distress from one of your crappy cliché romance movies?" Crossing my arms over my chest, I stare intently up at my former colony.
"Well…" He sings "… If your gonna to act like a sour puss, I'm not gonna tell ya!"
"Just tell me, git" I roll my eyes and tap my foot against the wooden floor impatiently.
"Well, what I'm going to tell you is very sensitive information…" He slowly walks towards me, s
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The Start Of Something Beautiful
Ahh~ back in my beautiful Россия. Snow falls like feathers from the purple sky as the sun sets over Moscow. I shove my hands deeper into the fur lined pockets of my coat, sighing as heat seeps into the appendages. It's good to be back home... but I just can't help but miss my crew-mates, back in America – either visiting family (like Hikaru, Nyota and Dr. McCoy), "relaxing" at Star Fleet HQ (like Mr. Spock and The Keptin) or working on the repairs of the Enterprise (Mr. Scott) – Which is expected since have just left the very small confines of a ship in outer space.
Irrelevant. I smile as snow lands, and then precedes to melt, on the end on my nose. Looking, I murmur to myself "снегов все тяжелее... (Heavier snow...)" then scurry out of the near darkness into the closest building. Above the door the sign reads "Паша
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Broken Berlin - Chapter 9
At 7:30 sharp, people start to filter in. First to walk in is the Asian countries – Taiwan, Hong Kong,  China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. They all head straight to their allotted chairs silently. As they walk, china looks over at me and nods his head, which I return. I then look to the nation next to China, Japan, he looks truly and utterly beaten. His eyes her sunken and lifeless, skin even paler than normal. He is wearing a baggy white shirt, and plain black trousers and shoes. Peaking out of the neck and the arms is bandages. I sigh. I hate how defeated Kiku looks, I just wish that our alliance had lasted longer. Hmm... in the first break, I must go and talk to my fellow island nation, I believe that it'll be good for both of us.
Next to walk in is Canada, America and France. Canada walks quickly over to me and I engulf him in a hug, which he reciprocates immediately.
"How are you doing dad?" He mutters, even lower than he normally talks.
I sigh and pul
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Broken Berlin - Part 8
7 months later (yeah I know I am missing 7 months, but it will make sense)
The first world meeting since the end of WW2 starts today, here in England. Japan is now is China's custody, just like Germany is in mine, and, as far as I know, Spain and Austria are taking care of Italy and Romano and Russia has control of East Germany. I haven't seen America since I have taken custody of Germany, but from what I hear via Canada, America is sizing up on his nuclear research. Both Canada and I are worried because Russia is also increasing his nuclear research. I have also heard that Soviet troops have yet to leave northern European countries that he had "liberated".
I'm getting really worried; I know for a fact that if America and Russia don't stop this bullshit, the world is – once again – going to be plunged into war… But none of us will survive this nuclear war.
I am up and out of bed by 5:25am. Dressed in a black suit, white shirt and green tie by 5:40am. Quietly, I tip-toe t
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Teardrops On My Guitar - Chapter 3
*Tamaki's POV*
I run down street after street, all flanked by similar looking mansions. About 10 minutes later I collapse onto the pavement, my legs like jelly.
"Urghhhh" I groan, slowly raising my head from it's resting position. Like a sloth, I drag myself so I'm resting my hands on my knees. Panting, I look around to work out where I am…
My mouth falls to the floor…
*Kyouya's POV*
After tiding my room to perfection, I stare at my efforts appraisingly. Every pillow and every photo is lined up neatly. I smirk. Then deflate. I need something to keep my mind occupied; grab my jacket and walk out of my room.
"Going for a walk" I shout to Fuyumi, walking down the main stairs to the front door.
"Be safe Kyouya, dinner's at 8pm. Don't be late"
I softly close the door behind me. I start to walk to the road, then turn left. As I walk, my mind wonders to times before Tamaki knew about my feelings for him…
"…" I sigh, why is it that every recent fond memory of Ta
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Teardrops On My Guitar - Chapter 2
"Urghhhhh! How could I be such an idiot!" I shouted to the empty room, as I threw another chair across my room.
"Kyouya? What's wrong? Kyouya calm down, please!" I feel a feminine hand on my shoulder, Fuyumi.
"I confessed to Tamaki" I won't look her in the face, im too ashamed
"kyouya" she sighs, and leads me to the sofa – which is undamaged – "if he's your friend he will understand. And, from they way he's been acting towards you since you both met it's obvious to me, and our brothers and father, that he likes you more than a friend. Just, give him time." She kisses my check and goes to leave "and tidy this mess"
*Tamaki's house*
"He likes me… he likes me… he likes me… he likes me…"
"Well done King, now are you going to do anything about it?" says Hikaru – or is it Kaoru?
"I mean, seriously, you've been pining after him since forever" adds Kaoru – or is it Hikaru?
"You need to tell him, before it's too late"
"Haru-chan's right Tama-chan, Kyo-cha
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Teardrops On My Guitar - Chapter 1
"Momma, what's wrong?" looking up form my laptop scree, I see Tamaki standing in front of me leaning inches away from my face.
"Nothing's wrong... Daddy" I push my glasses up my nose. Why is he even pretending that he cares?
"Don't lie to me Kyouya, I KNOW something's wrong. You've been staring at the screen motionless for the past 15minutes" he whined
"... I'm fine Tamaki, honest. I was just -"
"HIKARU! KAORU! STAY AWAY FROM MY HARUHI!" Yet again, Haruhi is more important. I pull a pair of earphones from one of the pockets in my crisp black school trousers, untangle them then plug them into the earphone slot in my Pineapple laptop. Opening up my Itunes, I saved the word document I was working on. I scroll through all my songs, damn I can't think of a song to listen to. Mentally, I shrug, and push the Shuffle button. I look down.
Teardrops on My Guitar By Taylor Swift
Oh the irony. I lean back in my chair and try to enjoy the music
"... I bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about.
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Mature content
Carnival Scenario - GerUK :iconredwolferik:RedWolfErik 18 5
Tha gaol agam ort - ScotUK
Clutching the neatly-wrapped packages tightly against my chest, I battle through the Gail-force winds in Dublin. I turn a corner, almost hitting a couple walking in the opposite direction. They look so happy, even in such bad weather. How I envy them. Shaking my head harshly, I restart my battle to get to the Irelands' home… Where my other two brothers are most probably.
Shawn, the embodiment of Wales, James and Shamus, the embodiments of North and South Ireland respectively, and… Angus. The person I love and hate the most. The only one to have enough of my break my heart to break me completely and utterly… and I love it. I chuckle to myself, I'm such a masochist. Opening the gate to the neat front garden of James and Shamus' large red brick house, I walk through. It closes shut behind me with a bang, barely heard over the roar of the wind. I continue up the path to the front door. Even before I have the chance to pull out my set of keys out of my jeans pocket, the door
:iconredwolferik:RedWolfErik 16 6
Stains On My Soul - FMA
Silence. Unearthly silence, pressing in on me from all sides - suffocating me. My hands shake from the memory of what I had done only hours ago, making me drop my now-empty bottle - I dont even know the name of it, so I can assume it was something highly alcoholic. How could I have done this? They were only trying to help...
And that little girl. An orphaned little girl, thanks to me. She looks so happy in the picture, blonde hair, cute naive smile. She obviously meant the world to the two dead doctors, whose blood pools at my feet, taunting me... I wonder where she is?
I bring my hands up in front of my eyes, barely visible in the half-light of the scene of my crime. Blood, innocent blood stains my hands; coating them in my sin to humanity. Just because the doctors were doing their jobs - treating their patients - I had been ordered to kill them. That isn't right, that isn't right at all. I scoff quietly. 'Just shows how corrupt the government is,' the little cynical voice in my head
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Romano's Moustache
When I first met Romano, he was rude, arrogant, adorable and seemed to have an irrational hatred towards me. Wait… did I say adorable?
"Hey there Hasselhoff, I've got a surprise for you!" I sigh, closing the book I was reading 'How to get along with Italians: Brothers'
"Great, what is it? Another Jew?"
"I have created a secret weapon for such purpose and stealthiest you'll be helpless to it's power…"
"…" I stare blankly at him
… This is his secret weapon? How cute.
"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you look so very stupid with your big bushy moustache like some hipster at an art school party. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha"
"Umm… you do realize it looks like you have the moustache from where I stand?" Romano immediately stops laughing and bursts into tears.
"Your right. No! Don't look. I'm so ugly!" Then he runs off. I didn't mean to make him cry. VERDAMMT!
"GERMANY! ROMANO HATES ME!" The northern half of Italy runs into the room, tears pouring do
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It Ends Tonight - Scrubs
Your subtleties, they strangle me
I can't explain myself at all
And all that wants and all that needs
All I don't want to need at all
I should of realised… your as subtle as a sledge hammer Perry. But I was so blinded by so called "love" to even realise. You can thank Turk, Carla and Elliot for helping me notice. The lingering glances, the small smirks, everything that was SO obvious to everyone… except me.
The walls start breathing
My mind's unweaving
Maybe it's best you leave me alone
A weight is lifted on this evening
I give the final blow
But, being me, I needed proof. As much as it would hurt me, I wanted to find you two in the act. So… we planned. I said that I was going out of town to visit my family, remember? I lied. Instead I went to Turk and Carla's to wait. Well… you know what happens next, don't you.
When darkness turns to light
It ends tonight, it ends tonight
When I saw you two writhing and moaning on the bed, OUR BED at that, it shattered my heart. B
:iconredwolferik:RedWolfErik 1 0
She can't see the way your eyes
Light up when you smile
She'll never notice how you stop and stare
When ever she walks by
Your eyes, like living emeralds... no, scratch that. Your eyes are brighter than emeralds, and greener. They shine like becons, especially in the dim meeting room. They scan the room broodingly, I know your searching for him. When your hauntingly perfect face falls onto him my heart skips a beat. Then I remember, he's next to me, shoveling one burger into his face after another.
And you can't see me wanting you
the way you want her
But you are everything to me
How can you still care for him, after all the pain that he forced you to suffer. He never looked back after he gained his independence, never faultered. How could he deny your angel-like face? Though, I must admit, sometimes I want to be him. More confident. Louder. Happier. Noticed. Then I could confess to you, and maybe you would give me a chance.
I turn to my brother, knowing that no one noticed my staring
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How To Make A Brit Fall In Love - SeaUK
"'re ye sure thi' is th' righ' thin' to do for Pet'r?"
"… Yeah, I'm sure. He hates me… he obviously doesn't want to come here every weekend, so we should make him." the door banged open, revealing the two men talking to a small boy. The small boy only looked around 13 years old, dressed in a pale blue and white sailor costume. Normally bright and large blue eyes scrunched up in confusion.
"Papa, Jerk, whatcha doing?" They turn to face the little boy, the taller of the two walks over to him and crouches down; the other - shorter man - hangs back with sadness clouding his face.
"Nothin' Pet'r, we're jus' leavin'. Say goodb'e t' Arth'r" The tall man stands back up and walks out of the room, leaving the other two alone, an awkward silence left in his wake.
"Well…" the elder of the two left in the room spoke "…" he quickly strode over to the boy and enveloped him in a hug, which was not reciprocated "I'll miss you, Peter. But this is best for you." he pulls away, and sta
:iconredwolferik:RedWolfErik 8 6
Germany Finds Out Not To Mess With Male Belarus
I'm woken up by the golden sun streaming through the open blinds and crystal-clear glass set into beige wooden frames reaching from floor to ceiling. Two windows of the same design, slightly open, allow a cool breeze throughout the room and onto the bed - making the thin sheets rustle. Wiggling in the bed I, unknowingly mind you, bury myself further into the radiator-like heat behind me. Sighing, I fling the thin off-white sheet off my body, letting then flutter onto the marble tiled floor like ribbons. I swing my legs over the edge of the springy mattress, making me wince in pain and discomfort - originating from the bottom of my back. Stretch, cracking my spine… doesn't help my pain at all.
I close my eyes - momentarily - then stand up next to the bed. Pulling at the waistband of my shorts, I walk to the glass doors and gently push them open. Stepping out onto the balcony, I lean forward on the rail and stare at the beautiful city of Rome in all it's architecturalsplendour. Blue
:iconredwolferik:RedWolfErik 6 0


Weiss and Yang cosplay - Manchester Expo 2014 by LittleGeeky Weiss and Yang cosplay - Manchester Expo 2014 :iconlittlegeeky:LittleGeeky 76 4 Jaffa cakes! Other cakes are available... by LittleGeeky Jaffa cakes! Other cakes are available... :iconlittlegeeky:LittleGeeky 10 2 And a bit alarming by shoomlah And a bit alarming :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 14,742 618 hers by atlf3 hers :iconatlf3:atlf3 33 33 Dating Options (Satsuki x Uzu) by SushiDonuts Dating Options (Satsuki x Uzu) :iconsushidonuts:SushiDonuts 20 3 Angry Joe Twirk by MetalGear123 Angry Joe Twirk :iconmetalgear123:MetalGear123 2 2 Angry Joe  Fun TEXT by MetalGear123 Angry Joe Fun TEXT :iconmetalgear123:MetalGear123 71 19 Commission_we are great by sbel02 Commission_we are great :iconsbel02:sbel02 274 12 VI study by BADCOMPZERO VI study :iconbadcompzero:BADCOMPZERO 1,076 34 Vi/cait/lulu Cartoon by 2gold Vi/cait/lulu Cartoon :icon2gold:2gold 2,281 157 It's Vi by Monstoner It's Vi :iconmonstoner:Monstoner 436 41 Science Bros Flash: Hot Science by ecokitty Science Bros Flash: Hot Science :iconecokitty:ecokitty 980 58 Shoko Kirishima and Akihisa Yoshii - Wallpaper by darkludovic Shoko Kirishima and Akihisa Yoshii - Wallpaper :icondarkludovic:darkludovic 11 3 RWBY Pokemon Trainers by depression76 RWBY Pokemon Trainers :icondepression76:depression76 2,544 229 Beacon Staff Pokemon Trainers by depression76 Beacon Staff Pokemon Trainers :icondepression76:depression76 844 73 JNPR Pokemon Trainers by depression76 JNPR Pokemon Trainers :icondepression76:depression76 1,345 80


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So... I've had this Deviantart page for ages and done literally nothing with it, so at the end of this month I'm getting myself premium and changing my name of here to Waterbabybel or IzzyDoesCosplay (Waterbabybel is my first choice but since I had an old account called that I may not be able to get that name again) and re-vamping my page ^^
I've also deleted all my posts on here excluding my fanfiction, this is like a new start for me. I will still post some drawings and I'm trying to get back into writing fanfiction but most of the stuff I'll be posting on here will be cosplay photos and progress images


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